Lora Vertue is a professional female photographer and a digital artist with years of experience in personal and fashion photography. Bringing her European style of female photography from Moscow where she is originally from, together with her fashion photography background, her imagery greatly stands out in landscape of female photography. Sensuality, fashion and art are main features of Lora’s photographs.

With her quiet and kind demeanor she unwraps the personality of each subject during the shoot, exposing their unique beauty and character, turning them from ordinary people into editorial stars.

Lora is also a proud mom of three, and the photos of her family sometimes pop up on our blog.







Daria is our talented Primary Photographer. While not photographing, she is busy running our studio and making clients feel comfortable and welcomed.

She is a professionally trained photographer with a background in glamour photography, photojournalism, publishing and graphic design. She has a great eye and a skill for capturing beautiful moments that make a unique, one of a kind imagery. Her photography has an airy, momentous feel to it, making her photographs both artistic and realistic. She loves to work with natural daylight that adds softness and sensuality to the atmosphere of her sets.

Daria can answer any questions that you may have about our photoshoots. Please contact her with any inquiries at [email protected]







Taira is our talented associate photographer, coming from a fashion, corporate, family and wedding photography background. She masterfully captures beautiful moments in a light and airy style, working primarily with natural daylight. With her camera in hands and lovely demeanour, she strives to make women feel powerful, accentuating their strengths and beauty with careful posing and styling direction.











Veronika is our upbeat Studio Manager and a backbone of our team. With her friendly and kind demeanor, she keeps it all firmly under control, making sure the operations run smoothly, while providing excellent customer service to our clients. Coming from project management and marketing backgrounds, she completes our team with her superb organizational abilities. Without Veronika, we would surely slip into chaos.

Veronika is always there to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Please contact her with any inquiries at [email protected]









Jennifer is our talented MUA professional with years of experience working for editorial and private clients. She has a keen eye for details and a great understanding of female beauty and facial structure. Valuable and trusted part of our team, she has a magical ability to highlight a woman’s natural beauty. She uses the finest cosmetics and is there to help you look your best for this very special photo shoot.