Who is the photo session for?

Kissed by Light specializes in photography for all women who would like to celebrate the beauty of their bodies and personalities, and create unique artwork capturing their femininity and sensuality. Every stage of womanhood is wonderful; while having its own dimension and allowing different sides of her to shine, women constantly change and evolve into something more physically, emotionally and spiritually. From purity of a senior to a gentle young bud of a woman in her twenties, from the lady who now knows her body in her thirties to the one who now knows her body and soul in her forties, to the beautiful liberated lady in her full bloom in her fifties, the lady in her sixties who is celebrating her soul, her womanhood, her character – we enjoy photographing the best side of you at this moment and creating beautiful artwork to be enjoyed forever.

Motherhood, sisterhood and friendships are amazing bonds shared by women throughout their lives and we enjoy creating portraiture series capturing these connections.

Where does the session take place?

Most of our photo sessions take place in our photo studio located at #306-224 Wallace Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M6H1V7

It’s a newly renovated factory loft building, which allows plenty of natural light in the studio and has beautifully spacious loft spaces. One of which is our studio. However industrial the building might look, we try to make our studio as comfortable as possible – it’s a large but very private and cozy.

We will also travel to your location in select cases, and sometimes we photograph in beautiful hotel rooms around the word. $100 location fee will apply.

What KBL photography sessions are like?

First of all, it’s lots of fun!

It’s a stress-free experience and we do our best to make you feel comfortable as you come in for such a private photo shoot. Usually there are 2-3 people (all females) in the studio during the shoot – the photographer, the assistant and the make up artist.

We want you to share with us all of your ideas for the photoshoot and we’ll do our best to make them come true! We will consult you and guide you on what type of clothes and accessories you should wear or bring to the studio. We encourage you to let us know in advance of they look you would like to achieve in the studio and we will recommend you to bring props appropriate for your idea. That way we also have time to prepare the equipment and ourselves for the look both, you and us, want to achieve.

We also guide you and direct you during the photo session and help you with posing in front of the camera.

Please tell about the whole process.

Our studio has two talented photographers. Essentially, their skill, style and approach are very similar and reflect our studio’s characteristic signature style. The studio offers a number of packages to fit various budgets. Each one of our packages includes professional make-up and a USB, and varies by the number of looks (outfit changes), number of images and products. To receive an up do to date pricelist, simply send us a request via [email protected]

When you arrive in the studio, you will be welcomed by our fantastic all female team, which will go over your ideas for the photoshoot with you and your preference for make-up and hair styling. Complimentary champagne and snacks are always available in the studio! Professional make-up and hair styling will take about 90 minutes and once you are beautified and look your best, we will begin the photosession. During the session we photograph the number of looks (or outfit changes) included in your package of choice. After the photo shoot we will schedule a viewing session where we will show you about 30 of your very best, fully edited photographs from the photo session. From those photographs you will be able to pick the ones you like best and will decide which form you would like to receive them – on a USB, in a Luxury Album and/or as an Art Print. The digital copies of the images you will select will be available for pick up right away at the Viewing Session. All additional products (if they are not included in your package) are available as add-ons and can be added to your package during the Viewing Session. Once we place the order with our printing lab, it takes about 10-14 days for the Luxury Album, and about 5-7 days for fine art prints to arrive in your hands.

The women you shoot, are they all models?

 Almost all of our clients are regular people who have no experience in modeling and have never been photographed professionally in such matter. Some of our clients come in as timid and shy women and leave as energized and confident women who got a chance to express their inner sensuality in a new and exciting way.

All our photo shoots are for our clients and our goal as artists to make each woman feel beautiful and appreciated, regardless of your body type, size, height or experience in the modeling field.

Who will be present at the studio?

During the photo session, there are 2-4 people present. The photographer, assistant , stylist and the make-up artist. Our stuff are females only.

What does the session fee include?

The session fee includes time and photographer’s talent and make-up/hair styling services. All products after the photo shoot such as digital images, books, prints or CD will be purchased separately ‘a la carte’. Please email us for our ‘a la carte’ pricelist.

Can I bring someone with me?

Yes, you can bring a friend or a sibling. Usually we would ask the gentlemen to wait outside, unless it’s couple’s boudoir shoot. However, from our experience the best results are achieved without the company of friends.

How should I prepare for the shoot?

A week before the shoot we will send you the preparation guide which will help you prepare for the photo shoot.

We suggest to have your regular pampering routine few days before the shoot that may include: manicure/pedicure, getting your hair done (color), tanning (but please try to avoid tan lines and preferrably stay away from self-tanners), etc.

Also avoid getting plastic surgery or any kind of facials  before the photo shoot since it will greatly affect the final result. Try to give it at least a 4 weeks time for your face or body to heal before coming in for the photo shoot.

I’ve never had my make up and/or hair professionally done, and I’m worried I will not look like myself.

We highly recommend to get your hair/make up done by a professional. Our colleagues are very experienced artists with a lot of experience and talent who are flexible in terms of doing make up to accommodate your regular style and the photographer as well. The make up might look brighter and heavier than usual, due to the fact that camera will absorb much less of it, so in photographs it won’t look as heavy as it does in reality.

How much will my photographs be retouched?

Our retouching philosophy is to enhance the female body and skin, and not change it. We believe that everyone is naturally beautiful and we would like to photograph you in your moment of beauty, and together celebrate who you are. Our retouching enhancements may include enhancing the posture, and highlighting the sparkle in your eyes, etc..

Kissed by Light photographers and stylists prefer doing as much as possible before and during the shoot to highlight your true beauty, instead or relying on Photoshop techniques.

How soon after the photo shoot will I be able to see the images?

Within 10-12 business days after your shoot you will be invited to the viewing session to see your fully edited photographs. During this viewing session you will be able to determine what would be the best medium and format for your photos- print, book or digital. A Viewing Session usually takes about 30 minutes to 1 hours.

How soon after the viewing session will I receive my photos?

 Once we place the order with our printing lab, it takes about 10-14 days for the book, and about 5-7 days for fine art prints to arrive into your hands.

What should I bring to my shoot ?

A question we hear most often is “What should I wear for my boudoir photo shoot?” Your photoshoot wardrobe can be composed of everyday things, such as sweaters and tank tops, and/or more glamorous lingerie and corsets. Items we always recommend to bring are high heels, stockings, thongs, body suites, bustiers and bras with good support. From classic black to soft pastels to bridal white to bright neon hues, lace and silk look great on every body type. Prepare a wardrobe that suits and flatters your body type. Make sure all items fit you well. Visit our Shopping Guide page for lingerie boutiques recommendations. We encourage our clients to bring as many wardrobe items as they want, regardless of the number of looks in their package, so that we can experiment and mix and match items to put together the most suitable outfits. All of our team members have an exceptional styling and fashion sense, so you can fully rely on their advice!

Do you supply wardrobe ? 

Throughout the many years of running the studio and with the help of our professional stylist, we’ve put together a beautiful wardrobe collection consisting of unique and gorgeous lingerie pieces. From basic lingerie to hand-made and designer items, our collection is complete with high heel shoes and glamorous accessories. Full access to all of our wardrobe items is available for a fee of $150*. Whether you bring your own wardrobe or combine it with ours, we will provide you with plenty of style guidance and help you select and put together the most beautiful outfits!

*Sizes may vary. Please let us know your basic measurements and shoe size prior to booking the service.